Loan Interest Rates

Type of Loans & AdvancesRate of InterestRate of Interest (Ambar Sakhi)
Loan against Term Deposit (FDL)1%, more than Term Deposit Rate
Loan against Daily Deposit8.95%
Gold Loans10.45%9.45%
NSL/KVP/LIC policy Loans10.95%10.45%
Personal / Salary Deduction Loan13.95%13.45%
Business Loans11.95%11.45%
Mortgage Loans13.95%13.45%
Builder Loans14.95%14.45%
Housing Loan9.45%8.95%
Vehicle Loan :-   Personal Use9.45%8.95%
             Commercial  / Business Use9.95%9.45%
Education Loan :-     Before Completion of Education10.95%10.45%
        After Completion of Education11.95%11.45%
Ambar Yuva Education Loan  
Before Completion of Education10.45%9.95%
        After Completion of Education11.95%11.45%
Ambar Safar Loan10.95%10.45%
Swayamsidha Loan (Only For Women)-----8.95%
Ambar Samruddhi :- Over Draft (only for Women)-----8.95%
SSI Units - Loans & Advances    11.95%11.45%
Ambar Chhaya Loan10.95%10.45%
Ambar Consumer Loan12.95%12.45%
Ambar Rajani Loan (Only for Women)-----10.45%
Ambar Vikas Loan11.95%11.45%
Ambar Decor Loan10.95%10.45%
Ambar Housing Top-up Loan SchemeExisting Housing Loan Rate of Interest will be applicable.
Ambar Housing Plus Loan Scheme2% more than Existing Housing Loan Rate of Interest. 
Ambar Pro Loan10.95%10.45%